Thursday, April 03, 2008

Crazy March!

March was a crazy month for us. The first two weekends we were in Florida and then we had visitors for the rest of the month (Dears, Jann, Pavones) each weekend. It was a great month though and now we are sad that we have no visitors this month. But hey, at least there's baseball!
Speaking of baseball, we got the MLB package on DirecTV and David is in hog heaven to say the least. We can watch 8 games at once on one channel, and choose the feed for each game which means for the Dodger games we can almost always hear Vin Scully and see the Southern California commercials (those blasted In'n'Out commercials are painful though) so we sort of feel at home. Now the only bummer is that most games don't start until 8pm here which makes them end a little late.We had a great time with my parents and Gigi's great-grandma. My dad & I went skiing/snowboarding on friday and Gigi did awesome staying home with Yaya & Grandma and poor David had to work. :( Saturday the guys played golf on a beautiful day-- then we woke up the next two mornings with snow!
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We also had a really fun visit with David's Aunt Jann, who we got to spend Easter with! She and I took Gigi to the Zoo one day and she got to visit some of her other friends in the Denver area too. Here are all the rest of the pictures from March...
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Yaya & Papa said...

Loved all the pictures!!
Received an email with this message about......
Spring training is over and America's favorite pastime (quilting, not baseball!) is now in full-swing. In celebration of the season's start, we'd like you to sing along with us:

"Take me out to the quilt shop
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some fabric right off the rack
I don't care if I never get back
Let me root, root, root for the new stuff
If it don't come I won’t stop
For it's one, two, three trips and more
To the old quilt shop!!!!!!!!"


Poppy Lane said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish we were coming in April to keep the visitors rolling in. Cute dress Gigi:)