Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Despite everything, I had a great birthday weekend. We spend most of it camping at Mission Bay with my parents, and on my actual birthday, David's parents, Alex & Angelina all came to visit and have dinner with us at Anthony's Fish Grotto downtown. I felt so loved by all the calls, texts, emails, & facebook messages (boy, we sure live in a digital age, huh?), so thank you to everyone.

, I was overwhelmed to be blessed with an amazing birthday gift, too...

A New Camera!! I am so excited, and so thankful to David, my parents, my in-laws and my grandma!! And I'm also proud of David for being such a savvy shopper and getting an amazing deal (yay for Circuit City going out-of-business!).

It takes amazing pictures. Now I just have to learn how to use it-- luckily I have a willing friend/teacher. Here are a few fun ones from the weekend from the new camera, since my brother was bugging me to post a few. :)

Here are a few "artistic" ones just for fun.

Big blog news coming soon- stay tuned!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Update

A handful of you have heard this already... I should have been 13 1/2 weeks pregnant this week but we found out this week that I lost the pregnancy, probably at around 10 weeks. Right now we're just trying to hold on to the fact that God is in control despite everything.

The good news is that David is driving out to California right now as I type and will be here almost for good 2 days earlier than we planned. He has to fly back next week for one more day to wrap things up at work but other than that he's done in Colorado and although jobless in CA, our family will finally be back together tonight. Please pray for safe travels today.

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Photos and A Message to Bennett Markley

sI've been meaning to post this link...
Here are all of our January Photos on Flickr.

Gigi's First "Vlog" (Video Blog)

Something Gigi loves is to watch "movies" that our friends post of their kids on their blogs. Today she literally asked me to watch one of her favorites- Bennett Laughing-- Click the link so you can see how cute he is (she likes the dancing one, too), but don't forget to come back here and scroll down!

Here's Gigi smiling away as she watches Bennett...

And in response, she wanted to do a Vlog for Bennett:

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Amazing Family Photos

Our extremely talented friends, Danielle & Jared Zacharias of took these awesome photos of us at one of our family's favorite beaches, Stone Steps. It's in Encinitas right down the street from David's great-aunt's house.

I'm blown away at how cute some of these are. Capturing Gigi like this "on film" is not an easy feat with how crazy our little toddler is these days! There's no way I can pick out my favorites right now so here are just a couple and then I encourage you to enjoy the slideshow below.