Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First Baby Shower!

I had a great time at our first baby shower this past weekend down at my mom's house. I got to see lots of family friends and they blessed us abundantly with some fun stuff! It was extra special because my good friends Emily and Kristina and their moms came all the way down from Northern California and stayed for the weekend.
If you'd like to see a few pics, click here: shower pics!
I didn't take too many of the actual shower unfortunately, but there are a few to look at!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nesting & Baseball

So I experienced a bit of the "nesting" bug yesterday; this is how it manifested itself: I spontaneously went to Babies-r-us to get a crib sheet so that we could see how cute it looks all put together with the adorable bumpers my mom made, I made cookies, I finished making peanut butter balls that had been waiting in the freezer since Christmas, and then I made dinner. I was feeling a little crazy to say the least. I have been having Braxton-hicks contractions like crazy lately, and I'm happy to have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, to make sure everything is going well.
Also, I wanted to post a couple of pictures from our spontaneous trip to Arizona for a couple of Spring training games-- Gigi's first baseball games in the womb! We saw the Angels beat the Padres and the Royals beat the Cubs. The weather was beautiful (it felt great to be out in the sun), and it was a fun little "baby-moon" for David & I.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Father's Day Gift Idea

So I guess it's about time that I chimed in here. Please do not mistake my absence for a lack of interest in this pregnancy. I am uncontrollably excited and I cannot wait to meet my sweet Gigi.
As most of you know, I am an avid Dodgers fan so this is a wonderful time of year with the new season just around the corner. It is doubly wonderful since a new season in my life is also fast approaching. Ever since we learned of Gianna's existence, I have been preparing myself to be neglected because I know that everyone will not be looking at my ugly mug when they see that cute little baby.
Since everyone will be looking at her, it is appropriate that she be decked out in an officially licensed product from Major League Baseball. So to get to my point, this photo is an example of the exquisite attire offered in the Los Angeles Dodgers spring collection. Is there really anything cuter than a precious baby in an amazing pink Dodgers outfit?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Getting Ready

David has had the fun priviledge of building our little Gigi's crib and finishing our changing table in a nice antique white finish. He did a great job! And we ended up getting 20% off the crib because we got a cracked leg and they had to reorder part of it. The discount was worth the wait!

Nicole at 30.5 weeks