Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Official!

It's baseball season! To celebrate Opening Day for the 2008 season, David got up at 4am on Tuesday to watch live the game which was in Japan! Talk about devotion to the game. Actually he said he did doze in and out of the game, but he was very happy to have at least, mostly, experienced the long-awaited (well, 5 months-awaited) first game of the season. Now, just a few more days of anticipation before the Dodgers have their home opener!!


emily said...

Ah my dad told me about that! Sadly, we couldn't find a new york station that wanted to carry a Dodgers game.. I think they're still bitter ;)

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...
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Pulliams said...

i'm sad to say the dodgers spanked the giants today. i'm sure you enjoyed the game if you were able to watch it. fortunately it wasn't on here or i would have been super bummed that i wasted the afternoon. anyway, boo on blue. where's barry???? good choice there sf, i'll always be faithful to a losing team :( someday they will rise again, waaahaahaa, that's supposed to be a wickedl laugh. Kenny wanted me to ask since the dodgers beat the giants, are they in the final four? :) miss you guys!