Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't Forget!

Hi Everyone!
Just a reminder for those coming to Make Something Day on Friday... see the post below for details...

We'll be starting around noon on Friday, Nov. 28th, at San Mateo Campground-- Call me when you're coming so we can arrange parking. Email me if you need my phone number: gidgetblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Bring: a container to decorate, and any scrapbook paper and embellishments. I'll have details on what we're making, but if you have another (portable) project to work on, that's totally cool, too!

You can also bring your lunch and eat and craft with us!

Note: There will be a big poker game going on too for the guys!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Come Make Something Fun at the Beach!

Join Me for Make Something Day
I have a fun announcement!

What & When? I'm going to host a Make Something Day party at our campsite at San Mateo Campground (part of San Onofre State Beach) on the day after Thanksgiving (11/28/08)~ time: TBD.

Who's invited?
Anyone who's camping with us or who would like to come spend a couple hours hanging out and crafting.

Why? Make Something Day is an alternative to Black Friday, or the day when people get up ridiculously early to risk life and limb to buy a cheap DVD player and and other random and often useless on-sale items, contributing to our consumer-frenzied culture.
In a time when our economy is suggesting we live a more frugal lifestyle, Make Something Day is a great alternative. Instead of buying something, make something, whether it's a gift or just something fun for yourself.
Those of us who camp every year for Thanksgiving don't usually do much shopping on that day, but this year I wanted to make a pointed decision to not shop on Black Friday.
I'd much rather craft with my friends anyways!

More Details: Since we will have somewhat limited resources at the campground, I have a specific project in mind for us to do (although it can easily have variations). We can pool our supplies together, have some snacks, and have some fun!

What to Bring?
  • Boxes with lids (a cigar box would be perfect if you know someone who has some!) or other containers (like cylindrical tin containers with lids- like the ones that chai and hot chocolate from TJ's or baby formula comes in).
  • Scrapbook paper, buttons, ribbon, ric-rac, and other fun embellishments
  • Glue/glue sticks
  • Check craigslist and/or freecycle for containers if you don't have any, rather than buying new!
Please RSVP by leaving a comment so that we know how many to expect. {NOTE: I have temporarily changed the blog settings so that anyone can comment, so please leave one if you'd like to join!} Thanks, and I hope to see you there!!

Parking info: A day pass at the campground is $10 but there is a parking lot a mile away where you can park, call us, and we can pick you up. :)