Monday, April 28, 2008

Ladies' Retreat

I spent Friday night at a lovely spa resort in the mountains, the Lodge at Cordillera, with my dear friend Kelley & her church. I've been a part of her church's moms' Bible study since the week we moved here and I've gotten to know some awesome godly moms through it. I lead worship at our Bible study and was honored to be able to lead worship at the retreat.
It was different than other retreats I've been to, but I really enjoyed it, and the timing was great for me. With everything going on, it was great to get away to the mountains to spend some time with the Lord and some of His daughters. I was so encouraged by the honesty and vulnerability of the women who shared their testimonies of how God has worked in their lives in the last year. To see what some of these women have gone through is an amazing testament to the Lord and how He carries us.
I was renewed, and reminded of His love for us. Unfortunately, I brought a camera with no memory card (dang it!) and hope to get a few pics from a couple of girls, but for now you can just check out the resort's website if you like; click HERE.

Oh yeah, this was also my first night away from Gigi. She did great with her Daddy, and he did an awesome job of taking care of her. I only got one funny call from him on Saturday morning:
D: "Where do you keep Gigi's shoes?"
N: "In the bottom basket in her changing table."
D: "Oh, she didn't wear shoes yesterday because I couldn't find any."

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Bennettar said...

Honestly, she didn't need the shoes. We only went to a friend's house where she played's not like we were hiking in the snow.