Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Santa Fe-- A Quick Trip

Saturday morning we left for Santa Fe, NM... we stopped to visit the Millers in CO Springs for a bit and then we were on our way. We pulled into downtown Santa Fe in the late afternoon, checked into our hotel (a national historic landmark), and walked around the downtown & plaza area a little. Our hotel was in a great location for walking around. The city is very adobe. We weren't really sure what we were expecting, but maybe something a little more metropolis-like, since it's the state capital. But all in all, it was a very cool city.
We had some good food (Santa Fe is known for its green & red chile-- see The Chile Shop) and saw the sights. Sunday morning we had a delicious crepe breakfast before checking out and heading to our ultimate destination... Trader Joe's! We spent about 45 minutes there (which is a lot for such a small grocery store!) and filled up 2 ice chests and several bags. Mmmm.... totally worth the trip!! Unfortunately for a guy at David's work who asked for some 2-Buck Chuck, in New Mex, they don't sell alcohol before noon on Sundays so we couldn't buy him any! These states and their weird liquor laws... The funniest thing was that our checker said we were her 4th Coloradoan customer that day! And then as we were leaving a lady overheard us and said, "hey, I'm from Colorado too"! So I guess we're not the only crazy ones!! :)

Here are all our pictures from the trip:

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emily said...

what a charming city!!! And gigi is getting so big!!!