Thursday, April 10, 2008


Warning: Christianity & Oprah do not mix... do not be misled by her!!!


myste said...

I agree that Oprah has gone off the deep end but be careful. This video works hard to make a case to limit the Christian experience to current American Evangelicalism. Many of the practices and ideas discussed in the video are not "new age" but have been practiced by mystical Christians since the dawn of the Church.

There is nothing un-Christian about "starting each class in a mass trance" or "taking God out of the box" that our culture of Christianity has placed him in. Understanding heaven in a spiritual context rather than as a physical place is not contrary to the Scriptures.

Christian scholars have been writing of these spiritual constructs for centuries, while the new age movement appropriates them and waters them down, its recognition of their existence often approaches truth more closely than many Christians who deny them all together.

And oh dear me! Endorsing a non-republican for president and believing in peace, we should be terrified! As if no other public figure or spiritual leader ever used their position to promote political purposes. The makers of the video only have a problem when those ideas endorsed are not their own.

(please know that I am not suggesting that you are making these points, I am simply responding to the tone of the video)

Nicole Viola said...

To be honest I don't know much about Obama's relation to Oprah & religion, so I wasn't too sure of that part either (it'd require some research on my part to form a more informed opinion); I was sort of thinking that the whole campaign for peace thing didn't sound that bad, but then again I don't know at all what it entails.

But as far as Oprah goes, I'm sure that some of those practices have been and could be practiced within the confines of Biblical Christianity, but I think the big picture is that she is misleading millions of people on important points like Jesus not being the only Way, and God being an issue of "feeling, not believing".
And the fact that she still somehow embraces certain aspects of Christianity in her mind is what's confusing people. I would venture to say that her beliefs are now very far from Biblical truth, and the fact that she's sort of disguising her beliefs as related to our God and Christianity in some way is dangerous to those who aren't grounded in the real truth and able to discern what aspects of what might be labeled as "new age" could be beneficial to their Christian walk.
I also found it sad that a small word like "jealous", taken out of context could have started this whole "journey" of hers. I just did a word study in a Beth Moore study on the difference between being "jealous of" vs. "jealous for", and how God is jealous "for" us, wanting us to serve Him only. She was so disturbed that her "loving" God could be jealous, and was missing the meaning in that He is jealous for us because He loves us so much and wants us walking in the Truth and experiencing all He has for us.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!! :)

Soderin Family said...

Well said Nicole.