Friday, April 11, 2008

Going outside...

Even though we've had snow the last 2 days, we have had some warmer weather lately and are starting to feel like Spring is creeping toward us. Last weekend we went on a fun hike at a nearby state park with our friends the Matthews. It's really fun getting to know them again as we all went to Cal Poly together, lost touch, and then ended up living just a couple miles from each other here in CO!!
Melody, Kyle, Wyatt & Us

Then this week I spent an afternoon hanging out with my new friend Meredith who is expecting a little girlie of her own to be born any day now. She just happens to be an awesome photographer and she got some great shots of Gigi at the park. I'm happy to report that in her old age, Gigi not only loves to swing, but she's also slowly overcoming her fear of grass!
See all the pictures here:

We're off to Santa Fe, NM tomorrow for the weekend to check out a supposedly cool city and hit up the one and only Trader Joe's (5 1/2 hours away is our closest one). We got a surprise sneak peak at what we will be able to stock up on when we got a few yummy things in the mail from David's aunt Jann today!! :)

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