Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Official!

It's baseball season! To celebrate Opening Day for the 2008 season, David got up at 4am on Tuesday to watch live the game which was in Japan! Talk about devotion to the game. Actually he said he did doze in and out of the game, but he was very happy to have at least, mostly, experienced the long-awaited (well, 5 months-awaited) first game of the season. Now, just a few more days of anticipation before the Dodgers have their home opener!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Here's an interesting article about David's company, United Launch Alliance. David says he's not so sure about them actually saving Uncle Sam any money yet (like the article claims), but it's still kinda cool to see an article about his company!
Check it out HERE.The contrail of a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket

Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Dear Friends

Last weekend our dear friends the Dears came to visit! They were (are) on a road trip to Iowa, Oklahoma & Arizona, in addition to our home! We had lots of fun with them and it made us miss living near them even more. They are the friends that we can do anything and everything or just nothing with-- the best kind of friends. It was fun to see their little girl Kaitlyn as she is now almost 4 months old, and almost as big as Gigi!!Beth, Kaitlyn & David

And coincidentally we both had matching outfits for our daughters and we had a very cute photo shoot with them. And speaking of matching outfits, the Davids were caught accidentally matching one day-- very cute also. :) Here's a few pictures from the weekend. There are lots more, but I just haven't gotten them up on Flickr yet.
We also had lunch with the Stopniks so the Dears could meet baby Jude! Here are the moms & babies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Princess of the Pacifier

As most of you know, our little Gianna loves her pacifier! From the time the nurse gave her one in the hospital she has used one almost all the time.
My good friend Emily will be glad to know that in her old age (10 months!), Gigi is using it much less. She still uses it for naps (although not to go to bed at night usually), and during times when she's exceptionally fussy or tired, but other than that you won't find her plugged up and playing happily anymore.
She's expanding her verbal repertoire all the time (more video on that to come later) and is also a lot more aware of her surroundings and thus less dependent on her pacifier!
Our goal is to gradually wean her off it by the time she is walking and talking comfortably! We'll see how it goes as we approach those milestones!
In the meantime, here's a tribute to Gigi's beloved "nay-nay" (she makes those sounds when she is upset and wanting her pacifier). Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I found this blog called "Onomataopedia" where this cartoonist draws cartoons of onomatopoeia words that people submit. The first one I noticed on the blog reminded of Gigi as it is demonstrates something she loves to do.
See it HERE.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Acrobatic Ballet

I came across this amazing video today... the main couple is unbelievable. Not quite sure what's up with the weird German guy at the end though; can anyone translate? :)
Click HERE.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Home from Vacation

We had an awesome time on our trip to Florida. It was hard to come back to cold, brown Colorado after a week in warm, green Florida! Here's a synopsis of our trip...

Saturday, March 1~
We arrived in Orlando, and headed to Downtown Disney to have dinner. We had yummy fish 'n' chips at an Irish pub and a yummy cookie from the sweets shop (we always used to love those cookies from Downtown Disney CA!). We were hoping to meet up with my cousin who lives nearby but unfortunately her work schedule changed at the last minute. From there we headed to Melbourne, FL where we stayed for free at a brand new Marriot, using the points that David had earned on his work travel!

Sunday, March 2~
We drove south down Highway 1 (just like in CA!!) to Vero Beach, where we went to our first Dodgers game at Holman Stadium at Dodgertown. It was awesome! We sat on the outfield grass which was perfect for Gigi to crawl around on the blanket and play with her toys. She felt the grass for the first time and did not like it!! Then we met David's parents at the campground where we were staying, in nearby Ft. Pierce. There were lots of "snowbirds" there including many from Quebec, and I enjoyed saying "bonjour" to them and little more French here and there.
Monday, March 3~
We went to Dodgers game #2 at Dodgertown, with the Bennetts. David & his dad "played golf" at our campground- it was 3 holes - sort of between mini golf and regular golf. :)
Tuesday, March 4~
Dodgers game # 3, also at Dodgertown! This was a night game; we had great seats and got free pint glasses given away! We got there plenty early to be able to watch some practice and we got James Loney (1st baseman)'s autograph and manager Joe Torre's. We also got interviewed by a local tv news reporter about our trip to Dodgertown! (we never got to see it though). Before the game that day, David & Dan played golf (lots of water hazards = not very fun game), and Jeri and I took Gigi swimming at the campground.

Wednesday, March 5~
We drove to Port St. Lucie to see the Dodgers play at the Mets. I got Nomar's autograph, and David got Tommy Lasorda's! After the game we packed up the camp and headed up to DisneyWorld, stopping for a yummy southern dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Thursday, March 6~
We spent the day at Epcot which was very fun (despite a little sprinkling of rain) and then came back to our campground, Ft. Wilderness, for a very entertaining dinner show. When we got out of the show, it was pouring rain!
Friday, March 7~
The guys played golf once more- this time had more fun on a very nice course! Our last baseball game (#5) was a Braves/Tigers game at Disney's Wide World of Sports, a huge sports complex, that includes the Braves' stadium, lots of sports fields and the gym where Alex & I both competed for cheer nationals back in the day. Memories! We then headed to a cool area called Disney's Boardwalk, made to look like an old fashioned Atlantic City- like waterfront area. We ate at the ESPN Club, which is like a smaller, slightly more intimate ESPN Zone- when we first arrived there were some real ESPN people doing a broadcast in the restaurant! Then we walked around a little bit and got another yummy Disney cookie!
Saturday, March 8~
Bye-bye, Florida!
Check out all our pictures here: