Thursday, September 04, 2008

Labor Day Camping Trip

We had a really fun weekend camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, which is only a little over an hour from our house. It was a weekend full of friends, doggies, hiking, and good food.Our friends the Matthews came for Friday night and Saturday, and our friend Tom & his puppies came up for the day on Saturday too. Then on Saturday, our spontaneous friends from HB, the Riedels joined us for the rest of the weekend (a trip they planned the week before!!).We even had a nice thunderstorm on Sunday evening. Gigi passed the time reading while we played Scrabble and snacked.On Monday we went downtown with the Riedels for the Taste of Colorado, and we even found the perfect truck for Alex & Angelina.
View all of the weekend's pictures here:

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Baylee said...

Lovely kids... it might be a great fun to go for camping trip with them.