Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sorry for the shameless self promotion twice in one week, but hey, this is for your own good... it's a giveaway on Gidget Goes Home!
I'm finally opening up my Etsy shop and I'm celebrating with free stuff for one lucky winner!
So, go check it out, if you haven't already!

Oh, and here's 2 recent shot of Gigi with her new-found love... the phone! Every time she gets her hand on one, she holds it up to her ear, places it awkwardly on her shoulder (must be copying something I've done!) and says, "uh-woh?" So serious. It is adorable.


Yaya and Papa said...

Yes! Too cute!!

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Adorable! She is so cute!

Jenny Schlenker said...

So sweet. Got your message, yes come up this fall- i would love it. My living situation could be differnt by then, but either way you can stay with me and i would love to have you all up here. Some colors are already happening up here. Miss ya!

SidebySide Video said...

haha, that's so awesome! i have 2 old phones that i'm saving for kids so that they don't wreck mine :)