Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Celebrity Look-Alike- Go Dodgers + Denver Bull version!

There can be no doubt about this celebrity look alike... it's Manny and the Manny-ette!

Seriously though, we had a fun time at the Dodgers/Rockies game on Sunday. (Gigi's actually signaling "home run" in that shot, although #1 would work too!)Gigi even took a nap in the mei-tai (thanks, Stacey, we still love that thing!).
And the day before we also went downtown to a really neat park with our friends, the Matthews (and later David went to another Dodgers game). To say that Gigi loves little Wyatt would be a gross understatement.David has a beef to pick with whoever coined this statement... he thinks it's a lot of bull.It's written on a cool Denver landmark though! Periodically they repaint this bull; I like this version about why Denver's unique.


danielle said...

i have a "look alike" photo for you...what's your email address?

Yaya and Papa said...

Although I can't decide about whether I like my granddaughter having the dreds, she does make a very cute "Manny-ette" and she's adorable in the picture on your new Fall Logo!! (And HOW MANY sunny days do they claim Denver has?????)