Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Does Jake Have a Long Lost Russian Sister?

Since some of you didn't agree with my last celebrity look-alike match-up, here's another.

David & I have really gotten into watching tennis this past year, starting with the Australian Open. Today my favorite player, Dinara Safina, won her quarter finals match in the US Open, so in her honor I wanted to point out how much she looks like a family friend of ours.
In fact her brother is a pro tennis player too, but I think she looks more like my brother's best buddy from HS, Jake.

What do you think?


david said...

ummmm no. That's like saying the Dodgers are a good team this year. I am hoping for a division winner below .500. :-)

Bennettar said...

Ouch, David. Be nice. I think someone with Photoshop skills should put Jake's hair on Safina. I totally see it and I think the hair swap would totally help the doubting Thomases.

Yaya and Papa said...

OK--I agree with both of your "Celebrity Look-a-likes" you've posted!! You have a good eye!