Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas & December Photos

A delicious date night out at Delicias in Ranch Santa Fe with two sets of Pavones.

We had a really nice Christmas at the Pavones' house this year, complete with the Bennetts spending Christmas day with us, too.

Gigi loves her new pony from Yaya & Papa!!

Gigi and Granny on Christmas.

Here's our December photo album (sort of big!)~ December was a fun month here in CA for us, and we've thoroughly enjoyed David's two weeks off of work!

A very happy Gigi at lunch with the Wingers in La Jolla.


Allison said...

Wow! Gigi has grown up so much! She's SO cute! Looks like you had a fun Christmas.

Rena and Jesse Frey said...

Man, the eyelashes kill me! So jealous! The picture of Jeri and Gigi, it looks like Sydney is going to bite her knee. Ha!