Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beach Babe

Swinging in San Clemente

Well, I'm happy to report that Gigi has a new found love-- the beach!! She has had a bit of a hiatus from the beach but now that we're starting to go more often she's loving it. She actually cries when we leave.

She loves to talk about the beach, ocean (sounds like oh sh**!! -pretty funny), birdies, sand, surfers, surfboards & skateboards (she calls them boarders), water, and doggies.

Here's a video (sorry, unedited) of Gigi in Coronado... when we first arrived she would barely walk on the sand, but she was chasing the birds in no time!


Anonymous said...


Shan said...

sooo cute...we're planning on going to laguna this weekend. it's been too long! better take advantage of this weather, huh? :)

Mama Bear said...

Cute video! Love her little waddle when she runs. Yay, finally a post. Miss seeing what the fam is up to.

Giancarlo & Emily said...

the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! And she's starting to talk... I love it!

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

Love the video, she is so cute!! She is a big talker, huh? That's great.

PS-I voted for your website :)