Thursday, December 11, 2008

November Recap

Sorry it's taken so long, but I'm finally catching you all up on the Bennett happenings last month. We enjoyed our last official weeks in Colorado and then drove out to California for our usual camping trip, this year at San Mateo State Campground.
After Thanksgiving, David flew back to Colorado to continue working until he gets a job out here, where Gigi and I are waiting (im)patiently for him. We were stoked to have my mom, aka Yaya, fly out the week before our move to help us pack to and to accompany Gigi in the back seat on the long drive. This was especially helpful since I was also attempting to write a novel (I know, I'm crazy) at the time.
Now that I'm basically caught up here, I promise to post more frequently! Enjoy the pictures (I even did some captions this time!).

Click for: November Photos

Click for: Thanksgiving Weekend Photos

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Jason, Kelly, Ryan, Jayden said...

Gigi is gettign so big -- what a little princess! Hope we can do a playdate soon!