Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend in Sac!

Gigi and I flew up to Sacramento this weekend for a fun time with family and friends. We were so stoked that David was able to come out from Colorado too and we loved spending the weekend with him; it made us even more anxious for when he's finally out here for good!

We stayed with our friends Dave, Emily & Isabelle as we have been wanting to visit them ever since Dave had a bit of a health scare last month. We loved meeting Isabelle and Gigi was so happy to meet another new friend, Ih-belle. Gigi & Izzy got to take a couple of baths together and Gigi got to play with all of Emmy's fun toys that she has from her speech therapy days, and Mommy was happy to eat yummy abalone for dinner- mmm!!

Bath time!

We also went to celebrate with the Bennett side of the fam and Gigi got to go to Aunt Carly's bridal shower and spend time with her and Uncle Chase, Granny and Granpa and even Aunt Stacey, who came all the way from Indiana, surprising her little sister! During the shower, David and his dad got to play golf at the golf course that David worked at in high school with his buddy Taylor and his dad ~ just like the old days.


At Carly's Shower

On Sunday, we also spent time with Kristina & Sarah, another one of Gigi's friends. It was so cute to see the three girls sort of "hanging out" together and observing the different stages each of them is in.

Moms & Daughters, the next generation

Isabelle (~6 mos.), Sarah (~11 mos.), Gianna (~21 mos.)

Speaking of stages, sweet little Gigi Bri has officially entered the Terrible Twos, as of Carly's shower, which she pretty much spent in one constant tantrum (sorry, ladies!). Although, she sort of redeemed & refreshed herself yesterday with two good naps, and a good night's sleep.

Thanks, everyone, for a really fun weekend!

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