Tuesday, July 29, 2008

gettin' back to our roots

**UPDATE: Gidget Goes Home has a new home: http://gidgetgoeshome.com

So this is our family blog... but sometimes, I just can't help myself, and I have to post on some random topic, that you, our beloved readers may or may not care about. It's sort of like word vomit, although I usually mean to say it. This just probably isn't the proper venue for said words.
(Exhibits A, B, C, D.) For further example, I realize, Dad that you'd rather see pictures of Gigi than read about my adventures in cloth diapering. :)

All this to say that my personal blog is now going to be my outlet for set ramblings and rantings. From the deep thoughts to the superficial, that's where you'll find it. This blog will be reserved for family updates. I may remind you from time to time of what's going on over there at Gidget Goes Home, or you can check the cute li'l widget in the sidebar here that says "Gidget Goes Home: What's New?" for the most recent updates.

Basically, the theme is my stay-at-home adventures, and my attempts to fill my days with simple, crafty, green & fun living!
Come on over and bookmark or subscribe if you haven't already.

Now, in order to implement my new plan, I feel I must share a cute shot of Gigi Bri with you. Here she is today on top of Gigi Mountain, i.e. my attempt to redirect her out-of-control climbing habits.


Dave & Jenny said...

So cute! Gigi is getting so big.

Soderin Family said...

what a cutie pie!