Wednesday, June 27, 2007

thoughts on sleep

I've been reflecting on Gigi's sleep habits and wanted to share a little... we've been so blessed that she has been sleeping between 5-7 hours every night since she was 6 days old.
I have some friends who have had really rough times as far as babies/sleeping goes, so I don't at all mean to brag. I don't know why God chose to bless us this way, but He did. In this time, we've heard lots of comments like, "she's spoiling you! (my mom)", "don't get used to that!" (Gigi's doc), etc.
But through it all, we've been praying, and have been confident that the Lord is bigger than everything, I mean, he created Gianna, so He's definitely big enough to control her sleep habits! Thanks also to a friend, one of our pastors' wives, Heidi, for encouraging us to just keep praying and have faith that God could keep it up.
So I guess my motive behind sharing all this is simply to give God all the glory. Ultimately, it's not how well we stick to our Babywise philosophy, or how much we love our daughter, or even how much we pray, that is the reason behind this miracle of sleep-- it it is simply because of God's amazing grace and for that we are so thankful!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair/right to control the sleep habits of an infant. They wake at night for comfort and to satisfy their tummies.

I never once regretted the middle of the night feedings from my child. I saw it as such an easy sacrifice of love that would last only a short while. The very least I could do in thanksgiving of my gift from above.

And God who so meticulosuly designed a woman's body, made it so that when a mother nurses her child at night, the prolactin levels which help delay the return of her fertilty, are at their very highest helping to space children naturally 2 years apart. No coincidences there.

Nicole Viola said...

We have in no way been trying to "control" our baby's sleep habits. When she has woken up in the middle of the night or the early morning, I have fed her with no complaints. I agree that the sacrifice of love of waking up to feed a hungry baby is well worth it. I was just expressing my thankfulness for much-needed sleep. Obviously our daughter hasn't needed to eat in the night if she isn't waking up. In fact I did wake her in the beginning to make sure she was eating enough, but now I think we're passed needing to do that.

Balazs & Leah said...

My baby who is now 7 months, has since the very beginning woken to eat two to three times a night and I have fed her however, fertility returned at 5 1/2 months...God alone knows the needs of each baby and family and specifically created each child for each family...we should try to have a little more grace for each other...parenting is a tough job and we can only get through it with the grace and help of the Lord. Nicole, I am very happy for you guys that the Lord saw it fit to give you a good sleeper. Anonymous, "by the love you have for one another, they will know that you are mine."

beckie said...

God is defintely bigger than it all, like you said, Nicole! How awesome to have a great sleeper. God knows each of our needs before we even think to ask for it. He formed Gigi in your womb and knows the hairs on her head! What an amazing God to call us His children!!! Love to you guys!

Karen & Nick said...

You are blessed by our awesome God in so many ways. Despite the fact that I have said, "she's spoiling you!" (and she is a little ) I, too, am so thankful for God's grace and the fact that He has given you a beautiful and good-sleeping daughter. You are such an amazing mother, so patient and loving--Gianna is very blessed by both of her wonderful parents, as well, parents who absolutely have influenced Gianna into the good little girl she is. You all deserve these blessings God has given you. You should be happy and proud. Love you all.