Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going for it... we'll see what happens!

So after a bit of research and inspiration from my friend Melody who's also decided to go for it, I'm going to try out some diaper alternatives! 
My plan is to do disposables at night and when going out for relatively long periods of time (where I might expect to change one while out), and then around the house and for quick trips I'm going to try cloth diapers and hybrids.
I bought my gDiapers (a flushable hybrid) starter kit at Whole Foods today and I'm going to order some Bum Genius cloths online soon.  There are many other brands, but these are the ones I'm going to start with.
I estimated that on the low end (6 dipes a day which is a very low estimate), if we used Pampers (what I've been using) for the next year, it would cost around $430 or more. So I'll keep track of the alternative supplies I buy and see how much it saves me. I assume it would have saved more when Gigi was going thru more dipes in a day but I wasn't ready to brave something new & crazy until now. gDiapers aren't really cheaper than Pampers (more of an ecological benefit) but the cloth ones would be cheaper in the long run.
I'm excited about the money saving, and environment-friendly benefits of this new endeavor! 
I'll keep y'all updated on how it goes. David is being very supportive of this, although I think he's a little concerned that I'm getting too in touch with my "inner hippie." :)
Have any of my blog readers tried something along these lines? If so, how did it go for you?


seanbeckers said...

those gdiapers looked so cool! Sean wasn't as excited about it as I was though, and it does cost more. Let me know how they go.

Sarah said...

I fully support your decision! (and I'm proud!)

Crazy in Love said...

I am so addicted to cloth diapers! Since the first day Amelia came home from the hospital, her bum hasn't touched anything but cloth.
It's a definite money saver and not to mention the environoment benifits. Plus- it really cuts down on the numer of diaper rashes- Amelia has still never had one.
Beware- it's a major addiction!!
check out diaperpin.com for reviews on all different types.


Balazs & Leah said...

Hey Nicole-
We also use cloth (even at night- just add a double liner and its great). It is way cheaper for us 9diapers are seriously expensive in Hungary). We love it and I agree with Elizabeth to check out diaper pin- we use Kushies all in one with Ellie and we will use Pro wrap classics for the new one. Have fun- it is a great adventure. Not sure if you said this but go with flushable liners it saves a lot of trouble and is easy (we actually just use wipes that I let dry and then can even wash them if there is only pee). Have Fun!

Stacey said...

Way to go Nicole. Have fun with the swish stick! I think we would have considered gdipes more seriously if we were going to have more kids who could have used them later. Yahoo for supportive Dad too.

Sarah said...

Hi Nicole! So fun to read about your life in CO. We used to live in Boulder and just miss it so much!

I've been thinking about trying the gdiapers too. Let us know how they work out for you!

-Sarah Forzetting

Poppy Lane said...

good for you nicole! I've been curious about gdiapers.... We've tried the 7th generation diapers and liked them. They are hard to get here on the central coast though. Diapers.com doesn't even deliver them to our area. Other than that it's new frontiers and lassens!

Tarah said...

Ha Ha Ha. My husband says the same thing.. thinking I'm going hippie. My name is Tarah and I've just started cloth diapering also. I have been potty training my 4mo old but will start using cloth diapers when we go out (and at night). There's a great website for buying, selling and trading cloth diapers: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/index.php
Hope you find this helpful! God bless!