Sunday, July 27, 2008

I got tagged!

The ABC's of Me
(I was "tagged" by Linda to do this!)
A. Attached or single? As attached as they come! I love being married!

B. Best friend? David! But my girlfriends are a close second... here are a few of the many I've been blessed with: Rena, Sarah, Beth, Kelley, Annie & my mom

C. Cake or Pie? Probably cake, although I'll take pie anytime too.

D. Day of choice? Friday! Especially because David gets every other one off.

E. Essential items? laptop, cell phone, sunglasses, a good book, my nalgene, and the Bible

F. Favorite color(s)? Teal/aqua

G. Gummy bears or worms? worms (sour!)

H. Hometown? San Marcos, CA (north county san diego)

I. Favorite indulgence? brownies (the huge box from costco!) or peppermint joe-joe's

J. January or July? July, definitely a summer girl.

K. Kids? a crazy little girlie (~15 months)

L. Life isn't complete without? Jesus... He makes life worth the living (same answer as Linda!)

M. Marriage date? June 28, 2003

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 1 younger bro

O. Oranges or apples? oranges (especially if someone else peels it for me!)

P. Phobias? the dark (more of a fear than a phobia though)

Q. Quotes- "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." S.E. Hinton (this was Linda's and I'm leaving it because I love The Outsiders!), but also: "We will never take our places as 'more than overcomers' with nothing to overcome." -Beth Moore, and "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)." e.e. cummings.

R. Reasons to smile? I am loved.

S. Season of choice? I think I already answered this. :) SUMMER!

T. Tag 5 people: mom, sharla, ashley, emma, shan

U. Unknown fact about me? I'm pretty much an open book so even this might not be all that "unkown" to some of you, but in high school I was a cheerleader, did gymnastics, pole vaulted, played field hockey, and started surfing.

V. Vacation of choice? anywhere warm & tropical/humid with a pretty beach.

W. Worst habit? Wasting time.

X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound... I've had my fair share.

Y. Your favorite food? ice cream, corn on the cob, guacamole

Z. Zodiac sign? Aquarius. I don't believe in this stuff, but I do like water, so there ya go.


David & Beth said...

Fun stuff and cute bangs!

Linda Z said...

Thanks for "playing"!! :) Fun to read about you... and I didn't know you did all those athletic things, although it doesn't suprise me!! You are so energetic and fun! Stay gold!! :)