Friday, June 20, 2008

teething news

Today we were sitting in traffic (accident ahead) and Gigi was totally crying in the back. What could be wrong, we thought, she's not usually this upset in the car. Plus she's been really fussy lately, and even though she's been sick it has seemed a little excessive.

So I got in the back with her while David ran into the bike shop. I finally got her to calm down and even laugh with a few refrains of "This little piggy" (a couple of custom versions too). At one point she was laughing so largely that I could see right into the secret parts of her mouth that she rarely will let me look at... and sure enough, there it was... about halfway through the gumline...

a MOLAR!!!

She still doesn't have all the front bottom ones, but one persistent molar is pushing through on her lower right side!
Okay, Gigi, you're allowed to be extra fussy this week. Because that sucker is big and I'm sure it doesn't feel very nice popping through your gums!


seanbeckers said...

Wow - a molar! Teething is terrible cause you have no way of knowing for sure and it happens way before the tooth appears, then once it does, they're better for a few days till new teething starts! And it's kinda a catch-all. For instance, if your child has a runny nose or is fussy or wakes up at night or any other abnormal behavior, just say, "I think he/she is teething!" :) Miss you!

angelina said...

Poor Gigi!!