Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

David spent Friday and Saturday in LA experiencing his Father's Day gift from Gigi & me! We flew him out to go with his dad to see a benefit with Vin Scully & John Wooden speaking (2 old LA spots icons). They absolutely loved it. And David also got to golf yesterday with his parents before flying home!

Today Gigi is sick :( with a cold/cough/fever, so we didn't get to go to church on Father's Day (we were pondering whether they would hand out manly-colored carnations to the dads), but we still had a pretty nice day.
This morning we walked about 3 miles! We went down to have breakfast at Einstein Bros. Bagels & Starbucks, and the walk really mellowed Gigi out. It was perfect weather too!
After lunch Gigi took a 4-hour nap (one of the "benefits" of her illness, that along with her uncharacteristic cuddliness that I've so enjoyed!), and David got to watch golf & baseball, so I think he enjoyed his day. :)
The highlight may have been when Gigi's new "Calming" bubble bath may have relaxed her a little too much, and she left daddy a few presents in the tub. It was a bit of an ordeal to clean up and take a second bath but hey, when you've got constipation issues like Gigi, I guess I shouldn't complain when she goes!
These are 2 of my favorite pictures of Gianna and her Daddy. And what a great one he is!
P.S. Happy Father's Day to all of our daddy friends & family, especially our dads in California, aka Papa & Granpa who we love & miss very much!


Yaya & Papa said...

Ahh! Nice tribute! FYI: our church wished all dads a Happy Father's Day and even commented that, "No, they didn't have flowers for the dads!"
Guess flowers aren't "manly" at all!!

Emmyshell said...

Oh, how sweet, all except the part where Gigi was sick and pooped in the bath - Cassia has done that twice, she thinks it is hilarious - me not so much.