Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few random things...

I just grabbed some pictures off the camera and thought I'd share a few with you...

Gigi got her first "owie" at Unc A's wedding (she skinned her knew on the bricks)-- here she is checking out her Hello Kitty Band-Aid.

My moms' Bible study is more of a play group now for the summer (and we are reading Anne Rice's book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt too). Here is Gigi with her friend Sophie (oh yeah, baby Jude's hiding in there too) at the Zoo.

We had a BBQ at our neighbors' house a last weekend. They have their own bounce house, and Gigi loved it!

This is what happens after a long morning of walking to the pool, swimming & watching all the other kids, and walking home.

Cloth diaper update: doesn't she look cute in her little BumGenius dipe? I need to get a shot of her in the gDiapers because they aren't quite as bulky (which is why I think I like them better, used with the flushable insert or a cloth insert). She doesn't seem to notice the difference between the different types (cloth or disp.). We've been using cloth at home and disposables when we go out & overnight. I even made a microfiber insert (I still need to make more) that can be used with either type of cloth dipe-- I'm learning it's good to have extra inserts. Clean-up's not too bad, although we did ditch the Diaper Champ because the nice, waterproof, washable bags I got didn't fit with it, but the li'l trash can we got is working fine and it's not even smelly in the bathroom because of it!

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