Saturday, January 26, 2008

Swing Set Girl

Today was a warm one- just over 50 degrees! So we went on a little walk through the "Open Space," starting at a park near our house. We had fun walking on a frozen creek and when we got to the end of the trail, back at the park, we thought we'd let Gigi try out swinging for the first time! She didn't mind it (until the very end), but she did seem a little unsure, and boy did that "baby swing" make her look small! We keep thinking how big she's gotten, but she's actually pretty small still! We'll know for sure how big she is when we go to her Doc in couple of weeks.

Enjoy this little slide show of our outing (click the picture to see it)... extra points to the readers who know the band name! :)


Yaya & Papa said...

Cute slideshow, but I don't know the band! Gianna looks really unsure and then so scared!!

Shelley Blackwell said...

hi nicole,
fun to see your life in the snow. gigi is getting so big. we went to the beach today... beautiful 75-80 degree weather. you guys will have to get down here for a visit one of these days. we're still in construction mode but will be moving into the 1 bedroom studio at the end of feb. hopefully we'll be able to move into our bedroom shortly after.

love to you all,

seanbeckers said...

SO cute! And I heard about the cold weather from my bro too. SO funny when you say it's "up" to 50!!! :)