Saturday, January 05, 2008


Our latest dilemna: Gigi has realized her mad skills of pulling herself up to standing! It's great and real cute when she does it on the couch or the coffee table during playtime, but not so great when we try to get her to take a nap and now all she wants to do is stand up in her crib! She thinks it's really funny at first (as we continually go in, and lay her back down), and then she gets overtired, keeps doing it, but now is simply crying each time she stands up. Yesterday she slept a total of 1 hour during the day! I think she might also be a little stuffy, maybe getting a cold (her first!) too so that could have something to do with it. But I'm pretty much at a loss as to what to do about the standing up. Any ideas from you experienced moms? Please help!!

The Culprit in Action


Yaya & Papa said...

But she's sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!
Smile!! This will pass!!
Love you all!

Joey, Katie & Judah said...

Hey Nicole! She is getting so big, what a cutie. We went through the same thing with Judah a few months ago and I feared our good napper would never go to bed by himself again. We just kept persisting and putting him back down over and over again. Eventually the novelty wore off and he went back to his old habits. We tried to let him cry it out, but it didn't work too well for us. Just lots of patience and endurance. I guess that's the answer to most parenting dilemmas. Good luck!

Linda Zalamea said...

Hi Nicole!

I agree with Katie. Keep persisting and be patient. It'll eventually get old for her and she'll stop. Usually these things just come in phases. She is sure a beautiful little one!! :)

Linda Z

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fun phase that is! With Nate I just rocked and nursed him until he was totally asleep. It took forever and was a REALLY hard habit to break. With Wesley, I did a bit more research and asked everyone I knew for advice. I eventually went back to swadling for several months. I found a big flannel sheet, wrapped him up snugly and rocked him until he was good and sleepy then put him down. I felt a little funny about binding him up, but found that it was pretty common practice in many other countries, and it worked well for us. One way or another- be encouraged, as the other wise women before me have said, it will pass!

seanbeckers said...

I agree with everyone that this is a new fun thing for her and once it's not so exciting, she'll probably stop. Every stage has it's challenges (and joys too) :) I've done it once already and I still feel like a newbie sometimes with Ezra! :) Love you all!

Judy said...

Oh what a big girl! And she is so smart that she is totally manipulating you! As long as you keep going in there she is getting the attention she is trying to get. Make sure she is safe, then leave her alone and eventually she will lay down and go to sleep. She may have to cry a lot on day 1 to really try to get you to come in...then day 2 it will be a bit less and day 3 even less. Welcome to the beginning stages of discipline! xoxo Judy