Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Exact Sentiments

Read this wonderful Ode to Trader Joe's (fyi- just click on the underlined words) that I came across... I couldn't have written it better myself! Although if I did, I would include these items that we miss most from our beloved grocery store:
Orange Chicken
Fried Rice
Shaving Cream
Teriyaki BBQ chicken
Spanish Rice
all the yummy ready-made salads
Organic vanilla bean yogurt
white cheddar popcorn
decaf chai tea latte powder
and so much more!!!

We also miss the tropical atmosphere, nice employees, artistic handwritten price tags/descriptions, grass roots feel, cheap prices, yummy samples, etc!

This seems like an appropriate place to give a shout-out to my Aunt Laurel & Uncle Joe who sent us a lovely TJ's care package right before Christmas.

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Joel and Ashley said...

If you ever want me to ship some Trader Joe's items out to you, just let me know. I went shopping there today and had a new appreciation for the store :) Miss you guys and hope to see you sometime this year!