Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yay for Yaya!

We had a last-minute visitor here at the Bennett house... my mom came to visit for a week when her planned cruise was canceled due to the fires in SD! We had a really fun time (although we were bummed that Papa couldn't come). Gigi and I loved spending time with her during the day when we are usually alone, and David and I loved the extra help around the house!
We all took the Light Rail to Downtown Denver, had lunch and walked around the 16th Street Mall.Mom helped me & my friend Kelley with some quilting projects! Gigi likes fabric!

Yaya's idea- let Gigi play in the laundry basket, like cousin Riley used to do! Gigi thought it was quite fun.
The three generations! (We didn't even plan to match so well!)
And I'll post mine soon too!


Yaya & Papa said...

Thanks for everything! I had a blast too!! Love you guys!

Jennifer Schlenker said...

Miss you girl! How are you adjusting to colorado??? Come up here and ski sister. Folks up here are literally just waiting for the snow to fall.