Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our first "real" fall!

Gigi shares Daddy's Mountain Dew while watching the World Series (just kidding! Although she did like holding on to the can!).

With October finished, we are now finally understanding the true meaning of "fall"- as there are leaves everywhere! On one day, our neighbor spent a while cleaning up all the leaves in his yard and then within a couple of hours, the yard was full again after a few gusts of wind! It has been really pretty though. We've only had that one day of snow (scroll down for pictures if you never saw them), and the weather has been really up and down, some days never get out of the 40s and then yesterday it was in the 70s!

Here are the pictures from October here in Colorado. Included are our pictures from the NL Wildcard Tiebreaker game we went to, our snow day, visiting my friend Sharla, along with many cute shots of Gigi and the October birthdays here- David's, Blair's, and Brooke's.

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Poppy Lane said...
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ciao bella bionda said...

look at that head of hair!! Gigi.. not David ;)