Friday, November 09, 2007


I haven't done my own post in quite a while, and since I arrived at a milestone today, I thought I'd share about it with you. Today I rode in the cart like a big girl for the first time! Thanks to my Auntie Em for the sweet cart liner! Mommy and I bought some yummy goodies at Whole Foods and I had a great time sucking on all my toys. Here's a picture of me in the produce department (it's not the best quality because Mommy took it with her phone).P.S. If you'd like to, you can read my updated profile here. I'm very technologically-savvy for a 6-month old, you know.

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Yaya & Papa said...

Gianna--You are so adorable and it is so exciting that you can tell us what's new!! Glad riding in the shopping cart was so fun!
Love you lots!!