Thursday, October 04, 2007

Young & In Love

Gigi's Yaya (my mom) has occasionally asked me whether Gigi has "found her feet yet." Well, I'm here to report that not only has she found them, she is in love with them. She is almost always grabbing them, with socks or not- she doesn't care, and occasionally sucking on her right big toe (I once even caught her sucking on a sock, which seemed a little gross). It's pretty funny. But as I was explaining to our little friend Brooke today, it's not as if her feet are dirty, since she doesn't walk, so hey, go ahead, Gigi, suck away on that big toe while you can, before the inflexibility that you're bound to genetically acquire develops!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, Gianna went to her 6th MLB game on Monday night (with friends Tom & Dominick from David's work), to see an amazing 1-game playoff between the Rockies and Padres. It was such an exciting game and it was fun to see the hometown team win as everyone was going crazy!! (Sorry to my SD peeps.)


Yaya & Papa said...

I can't wait to see her in person again and see this love of her toes!!! I've been waiting for this to happen!! Love you Gianna!

PS "Sorry to my SD peeps" ??? Your roots are San Diego and your family--we aren't just peeps!!

Emmyshell said...

You were at that game? Wow!

By the way - nice pics, DDR anyone?

The Avila's said...

She is so cute Nicole. And getting so big! London doesn't care much for his toes...boys are so different. All his "girlfriends" are always grabbing their toes, but London just isn't interested. Not much interest in sleeping either. Is Gigi still sleeping through the night? Any tips?