Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire and Ice

While wildfires are raging in Southern California, our Colorado weather has been quite chilly (29 degrees this morning!).
Please pray for the firefighters and residents in SoCal (specifically please pray for my Dad and his department!) as the fires continue with no end in sight yet- it's really scary.

But on a happier note, we enjoyed our first snow (on Sunday)- except when it made our satellite TV signal go out (but at least it came back on for Game 7). Here are a few pictures.Our house in a blanket of snow!

Driving in to our neighborhood after church.

The beautiful view out our living room window.

Our pretty, snowy tree!

Quick Gianna update: Gigi has been exploring the orange veggies this past weekend! She loves carrots mixed with rice cereal (see her "I want more" expression below) and also tried sweet potatoes today, and liked them pretty well too! She is sitting up better each day and scooting/rolling around like she really wants to crawl. So we're officially in the market for baby gates.
Oh, and as much as I like Dice-K and the Red Sox, I've got to cheer for the hometown- so Go Rockies! It's Rocktober in Denver!!!


Emmyshell said...

I still can't believe it is snowing already - so pretty.
Praying for your Dad... the wind woke me up at 3am and I was reminded to pray for everyone out there fighting the fires.

david said...

So when can we come snowboarding??? And were you able to score any World Series tickets?

Yaya & Papa said...

Love the title, "Fire and Ice"; so appropriate! and love the pic of Gianna eating!!

Anonymous said...

greetings to snowy colorado from snowy alaska. the fires in so. cal are unbelievable...any update on your dad? go rockies!

turner88 said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. God has been so gracious to Alex and I since we last talked back in March. It is so fun to have a baby growing in my womb and to feel him move around all the time. You know the feeling. :) Wow, you are in snowy Colorado! That must be so fun. I love the snow. I'm sure your family misses cute Gigi (she sure is beautiful!) so much though. Congrats on all that's going on with you.