Sunday, March 01, 2009

February Photos

February was a snappy-happy month for us- I'll blame it on the new camera. ;) I may have to go back to posting smaller albums up here more frequently, rather than on a monthly basis now!

we love warm weather!

You'll also note that I've changed the privacy of our photos. You'll now need to create a flickr account and add me as a contact to be able to see our photos. As soon as you add me as a contact, I'll get an email and add you as one of my contacts and then you'll be able to view my private photos.

Sorry to inconvenience you all but it's really easy to set-up a free flickr account, and that way people that may access some of my public photos from my other blogs won't be able to see all of our family's personal photos. I'll be keeping some photos public, but most of the family photos will be private.

If some of you reading are friends of friends or something like that, you can still add me as a contact and send me a flickr message telling me you like to read my blog. As long as I see that you're not some psycho I'll you add you as one of my contacts and you'll be able to see my pics. Easy-peasy.

And trust me, it will be worth it because we all know how cute Gigi is- it's definitely worth a few clicks to set-up a quick account so that you can see all our family photos.

Thanks for understanding.

Now, here are February's photos!
Sign up for flickr and then you can click to view Part 1 and Part 2
(more details on some of these to follow)
and, here are the photos from my BlissDom Conference in Nashville.

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Clark Family said...

Hi there lovely... I have a flicker account but I still can't access your photos... I'm not sure what i did wrong... Could you help me :)Love ya, Kacy