Monday, March 30, 2009

Congrats, Carly & Chase!

We had an awesome weekend in Sacramento, celebrating the marriage of David's younger sister Carly and her new husband Chase. It was awesome to see almost all of the Bennett-side of our family and also some friends.David and his 2 sisters and brother.

As usual, the Hunns were our super-hospitable hosts. We love hanging out with them and Gigi does, too. She can't get enough of her friend "Ih-belle" (Isabelle) and always wants to be right next to her (or on top of her head, whatever). She loves the rest of the family too, "Emmy," Dave, and their dog & cat, too.
Emily, Isabelle, Me & Gigi

It was so fun to have the family all together and we really enjoyed the hang-out time before the wedding. Gigi absolutely loved playing with her cousins (and missed Rueben!). I think she's really going to miss them.Riley & Gigi

Peter & Cade

We all (except Tiffany) happened to dress in a similar color!

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride. Carly really went above-and-beyond with the planning for the kids at her wedding. She planned a special meal for them (complete with a personal ketchup bottle!) and even left each of them a gift bag of goodies for the reception. It was perfect, and so thoughtful.

We're so happy for Carly and Chase-- he makes a great addition to the Bennett family and we can't wait to get to know him better!

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Mama Bear said...

Fun times! Next time we talk you will have to tell me how to put text right under the picture.