Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almanor Crew Meet-Up

If you saw our February photos you may have noticed we had a little get-together with part of the Almanor crew, aka the families I grew up camping with every summer.

It's always fun when we're all together and this time was no exception. We met up at the Churney's new house (which they've done an amazing job fixing up) in Orange, and a highlight was definitely seeing Gigi get to play with her friend Ryan who's only a month younger than her, and his new baby brother Jayden.

We of course missed the rest of the crew (including this family and this one), but hopefully one of these days we'll all make it up to the lake for a reunion!

Love you guys!!Gigi's first time "holding" a baby!

P.S. Kelly, I owe you pictures, I'll email them soon or your can download them off my flickr account. :)

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Jenny Schlenker said...

Hey Nicole, Hope that you are doing well! We would love to take you up on helping us with the Nutrition blog..... can you email me more details? sorry I have been so delayed in gettting back to you. my email is