Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week in California

Sorry for the delay on this post~ still waiting for a few pics to get emailed to me, but I figured I can just add to it when they arrive!
Gianna and I spent a week in California at Yaya & Papa's house while David traveled to Argentina for work (more on that later!).We had a great time! We saw lots of friends and family-- Granny & Granpa came down for dinner one night and Unc A & Tia spent most of the week with us, too. On Thursday we had a very full day visiting some friends in Orange County which was very fun. We even went the San Diego Zoo on Friday -- Gigi loved all the "amuls" (animals)! Oh, and Gigi fell even more in love with Sydney (aka "Ninney").Gigi Bri did awesome on the plane rides (sleeping most of the time!). The only bummer about this whole week was that we came back to significantly cooler weather. Let's just say I currently have 2 tomato plants and 1 jalapeƱo plant in my kitchen trying to survive ~ I'm always in denial that winter is coming!

As usual, I have lots of pictures to share from the week away...

My album from the week:
Al-Buddy also has some great shots too:

P.S. I wrote a guest post for Green & Clean Mom last week. You can read it to find out how/why I decided to go green...


Anonymous said...

Nicole, thanks for finding me! That's great. I had fun looking over your blog and hope we can keep in touch!

Mama G said...

um, not sure i was logged on as my brother... that's wierd!

seanbeckers said...

I'm one of the ones who owes you pictures and I'll try to email it to you very soon!
Love ya!