Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! {+ Oct. Photos!}

Tonight Gigi went trick-or-treating with her best neighbor friend, Keira! They were adorable!
Here they are this afternoon in their matching pumpkin shirts, and then later this evening dressed up as a Chargers cheerleader and a 50s girl {note: it's virtually impossible to get these two to smile at the camera the same time!}.

Gigi finally got the hang of it after a few houses. She liked carrying her little bag of treats around, and had fun examining "her" loot. :)

One of our neighbors was nice enough to give the little girls Teddy Grahams, so we let Gigi have a "treat" when we got home! {p.s. This picture shows the first time she said "cheese" when posing for a photo!}

October was a fun month in Colorado, and included two of Gigi's other best friends, Wyatt & Brooke's birthday parties!
Here are the rest of the month's pictures:


Giancarlo & Emily said...

Oh my gosh!! She's sooo adorable in her little chargers cheerleader uniform! I love it!!!

David & Beth said...

What a cute cheerleader!

angelina said...

So cute!

Yvonne Brett said...

Very daring to be a Chargers cheerleader in Colorado! Maybe when you move back here the Chargers will start winning again.