Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun with SNL from

So, I haven't posted in quite some time, but I couldn't resist after seeing this bit on SNL a few weeks back. They have a segment called "SNL Digital Shorts" - they are basically random clips of really strange and funny situations (once you watch a few you will find out how hard it is to describe them with words). I am convinced that they can only be the brainchild of someone who writes for SNL.

I hope you all enjoy this clip from (you can view it fullscreen there). If you have never looked around or even heard of, you will find that it is a great place to watch all kinds of movies and TV shows. They even have very recent stuff, like the most recent episode of The Office...

P.S. If you look around on you will find another Digital Short that is a spin-off of The Office. Enjoy!


danielle said...

oh man, those digital shorts are really funny. i like the office one a lot but i think my favorite is the one called dear sister...i'll have to send you a link because so many people have made their own versions it's hard to find the original...but it's hilarious!

danielle said...

ok, here it is:

It's actually supposed to be a spoof from the OC but I don't watch that show, it's funny even without knowing the reference.