Friday, May 23, 2008

Nap Poll Results/Diaper Update!

Here are the results for my poll. Thanks for voting! That was kind of fun, & I'll have to do it more often. :)

2 naps (morning & afternoon):  7 (46%)

1 morning nap: 0 (0%)

1 afternoon nap: 5 (33%)

2 or more catnaps/short naps: 1 (6%)

I don't remember: 1 (6%)

Other: 1 (6%)

Gigi is now doing 1 long nap after lunch most days, although some days if she's particularly tired or crabby in the morning she'll do 2 naps. Thank you for your comments too (see them again HERE) ... Jenn's comment really inspired me to just go for the 1 nap and see how it goes. It turns out that Gigi also gets tired around 10ish but if I keep her occupied she'll usually make it to lunch, and then get a second wind to play for a little while longer before her nap. 

I got my Bum Genius cloth diapers in the mail and I really look forward to using the diaper alternatives when we get back from CA. Traveling doesn't seem like a good time to really try it out. :) I've used both the BG's and the G Diapers a few times though and I really like them so far. Stay tuned for a more detailed update on this in June! 

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