Saturday, May 10, 2008

Calling all moms, dads, grandmas, etc!

I posted a poll on the right side of the blog! Please "vote" and then if you have any comments on the topic put them on this post. I think it's interesting to see how other kids are napping... especially since I'm trying to figure out what's best for Gigi at this age... she's sort of in a transitionary period I think. Not quite sure if she can do the 1 nap everyday, but some days it works good (days with church, etc). I'm sort of leaning towards one long afternoon nap and then a shorter morning nap that will eventually phase itself out.
Please share what works/has worked for you!


Linda Z said...

What a beautiful little princess you have there! :) She is blessed to have such a loving mommy! I think my kids still did a couple naps at that age... sometimes as they phased out I just gauged it day by day to see what they could handle.

I was so sad to hear of your loss a few posts back. I pray that the Lord will comfort and heal and sustain you.

Balazs & Leah said...

Hey Nicole- Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Ellie loves to see Gigi's pictures! Ellie is still taking two naps around an hour and a half each. Some days (church, etc.) she also only takes one. I thought for a while she was ready for just one but she really still needs the morning one at almost 18 months. I think things will change when the new baby comes in a couple months but we shall see. Take Care
Love you guys

The Avilas said...

It was getting really hard to put London down in the morning. So I stretch him until about 11:45. He is pretty tired around 10:00, but we hit the park and waste some time. I don't know if it is working or not, but it is what I chose to do. Good luck!


Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

At 12 mo.'s Bennett was still taking 2 1+ hr. naps. He later resisted the afternoon nap BIG time, and at about 14mo.s I gave up trying. He clearly needed more sleep than 1 nap was providing, but his mind was stronger than his body :). He now takes a mid a.m. nap at around 10:30, for about 2hrs. It took some time, for awhile there it closer to an hour. I always assumed that when he went down to 1 nap, it would be in the p.m., but this is what his little body needs.

Good luck!

Leanne said...

Hi there! I thought that I would chime in on the nap deal...The transition time can be tricky! At that age Keira was still nursing, so she would wake up around 6 am, nurse and go right back to sleep until about 8:30 or 9...then she would eat oatmeal and start her day...some days she would need a little power nap in the am, other days only the afternoon. When I stopped nursing her in the morning (around 14 months) she woke up around 7 am, ate oatmeal, and was ready for a solid morning nap around 10 or so, and also one in the afternoon. Now she just takes an afternoon nap. Best of luck to you! You will do great!