Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Dear Friends

Last weekend our dear friends the Dears came to visit! They were (are) on a road trip to Iowa, Oklahoma & Arizona, in addition to our home! We had lots of fun with them and it made us miss living near them even more. They are the friends that we can do anything and everything or just nothing with-- the best kind of friends. It was fun to see their little girl Kaitlyn as she is now almost 4 months old, and almost as big as Gigi!!Beth, Kaitlyn & David

And coincidentally we both had matching outfits for our daughters and we had a very cute photo shoot with them. And speaking of matching outfits, the Davids were caught accidentally matching one day-- very cute also. :) Here's a few pictures from the weekend. There are lots more, but I just haven't gotten them up on Flickr yet.
We also had lunch with the Stopniks so the Dears could meet baby Jude! Here are the moms & babies.


seanbeckers said...

so cute of the girls matching - guess I'm not the only one with a big baby! And as they say "friends are friends forever if the Lod's the Lord of them" ("they" would be Michael W Smith in this case)

Soderin Family said...

Gigi is adorable. How much does she weigh? She looks perfectly petite and feminine.

Miss you guys!


David said...

We had such a great time visiting you guys! We miss you already too :) Can't wait to see you in a couple months!