Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meeting more cousins!

Reuben, Gigi, & Peter, reading to go swimming!

We had a super fun time last week when we had David's mom, sister Stacey and our nephews Peter and Reuben visiting. The Leonards adopted Reuben from Korea a few months ago and we were so happy to meet him. He is a very happy, cute little guy. And it was great for Stacey and her kids to meet Gianna!
We did lots of fun things- hit up all of Stacey's favorite Southern California spots, and more. Here is the link to the photo album, there are a lot of fun ones to look at!

P.S. I also added a few cute pics of Gigi in her flower girl dress to the "July 07- first half" album that I got from the Dears (thanks guys!). Gigi at 10.5 weeks- she's full of smiles these days!


The McCarty's said...

Hi Nicole! I just saw your comment and checked out your blog! Congratulations, Gianna is amazing! And I can tell you think so! I agree, there can never be too many pictures! It is just too fun to be a mom of a baby girl. I remember Ryan saying that he ran into a Nicole from Cal Poly and I thought of you immediately. So fun to see your blog! Kaitlyn

The Avila's said...

Nicole- You guys are so good about blogging. She is so beautiful. It looks like she is pretty easygoing as well. You take her so many places. She must love to be out. Good for you! hope that you come up and visit sometime soon!