Monday, July 09, 2007

Last week was a week of a few firsts for Gianna. On Monday she met her cousin Riley who is just 5 weeks older than her when I met her Aunt Tiffany and Great-Aunt Jann for lunch in Orange. Riley and Gigi had fun staring at each other.
And on Tuesday she went to her first Dodger game! The Dodgers won and it was the day that they made history by being the first sports franchise to have 175,000,000 fans! We had a fun time hanging out with Alex & Angelina, and Aunt Laurel, Uncle Joe & Marissa!
We spent her first 4th of July at the beach and bbq-ing with friends from David's work. She didn't seem to mind the fireworks at all, and we had a lot of fun.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon celebrating the retirement of a good family friend from the fire department where my dad works. Apparently in the car on the way down, Gigi laughed a little giggle in the back seat with Unc A and Angelina-- mommy & daddy will have to see it for themselves though to make it official. :-)

More pictures from all these events will be forthcoming!


Anonymous said...

loving the updates! and, the picture with david with the baby bjorn deal is great. hopefully, we can meet gigi before she is 10!

Emmyshell said...

so i signed up just so i can comment... perhaps I will be inspired and start blogging, although my life is not as interesting as Gigi's!

Anyway, nice photos, go Angels...