Saturday, July 07, 2007

Diaper Rash Remedy!!

Just wanted to share a little secret for babies with red, sore tushies. Gigi had a pretty bad diaper rash last weekend and her doctor, Dr. Pauline Pepek, gave us a somewhat obscure but miraculous remedy!

Mix a 50/50 batch of 1% cortizone cream with Lotrimin (or generic) anti-athletes foot cream (I got a nifty little bottle from the travel section at Target to mix it in). It medicates the area nicely and then you cover the medication with your diaper rash ointment of choice (we use A&D, Buttpaste and/or Aquaphor) to seal the medication and block the pee/poop from the skin. After just a couple of applications at diaper changes, her rash almost completely disappeared [enter sigh of relief here]!

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