Monday, May 14, 2007

Week One in the Books

So it was one week ago this morning that we met Gianna for the first time. I will consider the fact that she is still doing well to be the first major parental milestone for me and Nicole. It is still amazing to Nicole that just over a week ago she was very great with child and now we have this sweet baby in our house.

We brought her home from the hospital last Wednesday. Nicole's mother, Karen, stayed with us all last week and she just headed home this afternoon. She was a great help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, baby care, and much more. We took her out for the first time today when we took Karen out to Rubio's for lunch. Gigi ordered the fish tacos combo and savored every bite of it (at least that's what she was dreaming about while she slept through lunch).
Our second parental milestone consisted of getting our little baby wet while she protested at the top of her lungs. She will thank us later for the great foundation we're setting for her personal hygiene. I get the feeling that she'll enjoy the real bath better than the sponge bath. By the way, she is almost ready for the real bath since her umbilical cord fell off this morning.

We had a pleasant Mother's Day yesterday with Nicole's family. Nicole's dad was here in the morning - he left around lunch time because he was coming down with a cold. Our good friends David L. and Beth E. Dear came over for an early dinner and we BBQed some steak. It was really special for Nicole that Gianna came just in time for Mother's Day. I did not get to see my mother but I had a nice conversation with her on the phone. Gigi can't wait to meet her Granny and Grandpa (my parents) when they come out from Chicago in a few weeks.
I have uploaded some more pictures to flickr that include but are not limited to the events detailed in this account. For your viewing pleasure:

Stay tuned for some more updates...


Pulliam's said...

So cute! Precious baby girl. Nicole, I can't wait to talk to you or email chat. Love you guys! Pulliam's

Elizabeth said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations and many blessings to you all!
Elizabeth Martinez

sean and beckie said...

Yeah, that first bath is killer - the first actual water immersion bath Sean Jr cried the whole time, but as you know he loves the bath now. Everything is new for them. I'm so glad you're all doing so well and have so much joy in your family. I love all the pictures and can't wait to see her in person again!