Monday, May 21, 2007

Two weeks old!

It's hard to believe that Gigi is already 2 weeks old! The last few weeks of my pregnancy went by so slow as we waited for her, and now that she's here, time is really going by quickly. Maybe that's partly because most of our days have been pretty monotonous- sleep, feed her, wait a couple of hours, feed her again, repeat. David said it's been a little "Groundhog Day-ish." But the last few days we've starting doing a little more, and it's been really fun. We've gone on walks and visited with some friends, and it's been good to get out of the house a little.
Gigi had her first doctor's appointment this past week and she had already gained back her birth weight, plus 1 oz (she also peed and projectile pooped while naked on the scale!). She's a good eater! She's also a good sleeper! We are soooo thankful that she has been sleeping for longish chunks of time at night, and we are praying that with God's help, she keeps it up!
Here are some more cute pictures for your viewing pleasure... we still can't get over how cute she is.

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Yaya said...

GIgi--your great-grandma told your Yaya that you are the cutest little one she has ever seen! You've won her heart too!