Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gianna Brianne

I am proud to introduce you to Gianna Brianne Bennett. She arrived very early on Monday, May 7 at 1:34 a.m. Nicole and I showed up at the hospital around 7 p.m. on Sunday night after we had walked over 10 miles in the previous three days. Nicole was dilated to 4 cm when we checked in so the nurse had us walk around for an hour in the hospital (we were very familiar with the maternity ward after that hour). While we were walking, the nurse spoke with Nicole's doctor and they decided to admit her.

She continued having contractions for the next few hours and her water suddenly broke around 11:45 p.m while I was on the phone with Nicole's mom. The contractions progressed rapidly after that and at 1:34 a.m. on Monday morning we got to meet our precious Gigi. Nicole was amazing as she went through all the pushing and contractions without any medication! As a result of that, all the nurses have said that she is pretty alert and is breastfeeding well for a baby as new as she is.
She has beautiful eyes and huge feet and hands. She is pretty much the most beautiful baby ever. God's miracle of child birth is amazing - for those of you who have witnesses it yourself I'm sure you understand. I am so proud of Nicole for being so strong and I am so blessed to have a precious, healthy baby. And for those of who are dying to know...I am doing well :) In the photo below, Gigi is doing her best pirate impression (one eye is closed and the other is open).
I have created a photo set on flickr for you all to enjoy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bennettars/sets/72157600193794512/

We will continue to update the blog and photos as Gigi grows!

-New Dad


Pulliam's said...

Congratulations Bennett family! How cute are you Gigi. We can't wait to meet you. Good job mom! I'm feeling inspired now. I'll have to get the details from you when you're all settled. Happy Mother's Day Nicole. Glad to hear you are doing well too new Dad. So glad to see the pictures too! A new baby is a true miracle, you're right. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We love you and are so anxious to talk to the new parents. God bless your family. Love Kenny and Christin

PS. Dave, Kenny says the Dodgers suck.

rochelle said...

Congrats to you both. You are so blessed! Happy mother's day Nicole. Gigi is so cute!


Kelly Markley said...

Congratulations, you guys. What a sweet little girl you have. Nicole, you look great! You two are beaming, it's fun to see.
Welcome, Gigi!


Balazs & Leah said...

Good job Nicole! We'll so happy for you guys. Have lots of fun with her (even in the middle of the night).
Love you guys-
Leah Stanzel