Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Photos and A Message to Bennett Markley

sI've been meaning to post this link...
Here are all of our January Photos on Flickr.

Gigi's First "Vlog" (Video Blog)

Something Gigi loves is to watch "movies" that our friends post of their kids on their blogs. Today she literally asked me to watch one of her favorites- Bennett Laughing-- Click the link so you can see how cute he is (she likes the dancing one, too), but don't forget to come back here and scroll down!

Here's Gigi smiling away as she watches Bennett...

And in response, she wanted to do a Vlog for Bennett:



Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks Nicole, that is too cute. I will show this to Bennett when he wakes up from his nap. Isn't it fun that our kids can know each other-in a way-even though we are many miles apart?

We feel honored to be featured on your blog :)! And Gigi is too adorable (and smart).

David & Beth said...

Gigi--you're funny! We enjoy watching & hearing you :) More videos please!

seanbeckers said...

Aaaw, so cute! Gigi is getting so old (for a little girl) - talking so much! :) Fun, fun!