Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Amazing Family Photos

Our extremely talented friends, Danielle & Jared Zacharias of sidebysidevideo.com took these awesome photos of us at one of our family's favorite beaches, Stone Steps. It's in Encinitas right down the street from David's great-aunt's house.

I'm blown away at how cute some of these are. Capturing Gigi like this "on film" is not an easy feat with how crazy our little toddler is these days! There's no way I can pick out my favorites right now so here are just a couple and then I encourage you to enjoy the slideshow below.


seanbeckers said...

I LOVE these!! I especially like Gigi from the back looking at the water and the ones of the 3 of you on the stairs. All so sweet!

Mama Bear said...

You're a cute family.